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Fundraising Product Sales
Recommended Products   Bags   Books   Calendars   Clothing   Confectionery   Crafts   Food   Games   Other   Photographs  Promotional Products Sunscreen   Water   Wine   Wristbands

Many not for profit organisations sell fundraising products such as chocolates, confectionery , Entertainment books etc,

You need to consider:

  • Is the product something that aligns with your organisations philosophy?
  • What profit do you get? (If you are selling something for $40 and only make $5 per sale, it probably isn't worthwhile, and just drains funds from you community)
  • Is it a lot of work for little return?
  • Are you just making money for the company, rather than your organisation?
  • Is the product easy to sell and something your members/supporters will appreciate and feel is of value to them and want to buy?

Remember if you are expecting your supporters to part with their money they have to feel that they are buying something worthwhile. You want a win/win situation.


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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
BigPirana Personalised Products0800 244 747 or 0800 BigPirana email BagsReceive 20% of total sales when you fundraise with Big Pirana! We sell swim bags, toiletry bags, drink coolers, yoghurt coolers, pencil cases, lunch bags & more. Some come with a rubber name tag so they don’t get lost.
Kaboodle Bags0800 522 663 email BagsAn exciting range of fun, practical bags that make it easy for kids to take care of their gear. We offer very attractive incentives and a great quality, easy to sell product.
School Bags09 238 0715 email BagsSchool Bags especially for children. Every order through that school gets $5 back from each bag sold.
TOTEM Bags09 445 6560 email BagsThe TOTEM school bag range is designed to provide effective back support and utilise orthopaedic and ergonomic features. TOTEM has developed school bags for over a decade to give your child the best form of back protection throughout their school years
ya yah design03 332 9842 email BagsEcofriendly Re-useable Sandwich and Snack Bags . Great selection of cotton designs on the outside and a nylon lining on the inside. Easy for preschoolers to open and fit in their lunch box without wasting gladwrap or plastic bags.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Easy Fundraising NZ0800 438 637 email BooksRaise funds by selling popular books and gift products by NZ authors, including Alison & Simon Holst, Nancy Tichbrone and more.
The Delicious NZ Fundraiser Cookbook0274398038 email BooksWe are a New Zealand book publisher based in Dunedin, specialising in cookbooks. Our next publication will be a fundraiser cookbook for 100 New Zealand charities, sporting clubs and community organisations. The idea behind it is to feature the participating organisations in the book with photos and information about them, alongside a recipe. It is a very easy and effective approach, requiring no upfront payment at all.
Total Learning0800 888 035 email BooksThe premier educational book, games & CD-Rom company in NZ with over 600 of the finest educational products available. Total Learning offers you a rewarding range of fundraising options based on quality educational products.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Kids Creations0800 628 185 email CalendarsSchools can fundraise by selling calendars and cards with their kids' artwork or photos on the calendars and cards. Our high quality calendars are unique and have been praised by educators and parents.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Kozi Toez03 225 8547 email ClothingOur fantastic genuine Possum Fur Insoles are now available for fundraising. Exceptional profit margins, easy to sell, great idea for special days, e.g Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas Day, Father's day etc. Please contact us for further information.
Oi027 242 8006 email ClothingTrendy Hi-Vis Sports Cap for water skiing, ski biscuit, kids SCOOTERING to school, runners, etc. No initial outlay. You become the retailer and set your own price. Pay the wholesale price after you have taken your orders. You could choose 100% profit!
Roadworks06 835 7924 email ClothingPurchasing ROADWORKS high visibility rain jackets and vests from your school or pre-school is an easy option for parents and an excellent service your school can provide, with useful fundraising products that positively benefit your family and community.
Rubbers NZ09 412 8069 email ClothingGenuine natural rubber jandals in your schools, clubs or sports teams colours. Natural rubber is eco-friendly- ours are made from sustainable rubber plantations in Thailand and can be composted or recycled. Earn $5 per pair sold

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Becka's Chocolates09 620 9996 email Confectionery 
Cadbury Fundraising Chocolate  email ConfectioneryCadbury is a name all New Zealanders trust, with the taste everybody loves. When you choose Cadbury for your next fundraiser, you'll discover that it practically sells itself.
Candy Products Ltd09 537 5503 email ConfectioneryCandy floss and fruity flavoured popcorn and butter salted popcorn
Falgoon Confectionery04 5653015 email ConfectioneryConfectionary products for fundraising.
FBC - Fundraising Buy Confectionary0800 100 004 email ConfectioneryWe supply Fundraising, Wholesale and Promotional confectionery right throughout NZ. Chocolates, sweets, gifts, gift boxes
Finns Fudge Ltd0800 346 673 email ConfectioneryFinns fudge is a deliciously decadent creamy handmade fudge. Finns is proving to be a very easy to sell fundraiser for Schools, sports clubs or anyone who needs to fundraise with great profits. Give us a call today on 0800 346 673
Funtimes Candy Shoppe0800 525 942 email Confectionery 
Global Candy Ltd07 578 7347 email Confectionery 
Heavenly Fudge0508 434 756 email ConfectioneryFresh, homemade fudge. Delicious, top quality product. Free nationwide delivery. NZ owned and operated in conjunction with The Christmas Heirloom Company. Limited fundraisers available - book now to secure your group!
Interworld Fundraising0800 2 RAISE FUNDS (0800 272 473) email ConfectioneryCadbury chocolate products - sale as fundraisers. Free delivery; no fuss return policy!
Nyco Chocolates04 299 8098 email ConfectioneryCreate your own fundraising product and personalize it with your own design on a full colour packaging. Commission up to 50% of sales. Raise money and promote your cause with customised chocolate
Snack It09 412 9968 email ConfectioneryFundraising packages to raise funds for your club, school. Sweets, Chocolates or Microwave Pop Corn using simple systems to make big profits quickly.
Snowdon Limited07 849 9933 email ConfectionerySnowdon is New Zealand's leading baker of ice cream cones and MicroCakes. Our delicious and easy-to-make MicroCakes are great for fundraising and group catering, and great fun to decorate too!
The House of Fundraising0800 806 542 email ConfectioneryPainless fundraising for your organisation. Chocolate and confectionery are always popular with both children and adults. High profile brand Cadbury chocolate enjoys huge recognition and trust.
The Lollie Shop03 2142993 email ConfectioneryConfectionary Fund Raising Supplier
The Sweet House07 849 7288 email ConfectioneryWe have a range of confectionery available for your fundraising efforts. All top quality brands. Order 1000 bags and we will print the bags with your Organisation's name and your fundraising project
Trade Aid Fair Trade Fundraising03 385 3535 email ConfectioneryTrade Aid now offers you a chance to raise funds through selling chocolate, while taking into consideration the environment, trade justice and community development in developing countries. Its a win-win situation!

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Art on a Plate Ltd0800278758 email CraftsUnique, colourful, melamine plates - We capture your colourful designs and artworks, preserving and transforming them into practical and useful plates. A creative fundraising activity
Craft Creations09 817 1031 email CraftsCraft Creations offer great ways to allow the kids to be creative and to express themselves through art. These make great keepsakes for those close to us. Paint is water based so it is not toxic and is microwave and dishwasher proof. Great for all ages.
Creative Sand021 036 2254 email CraftsWe offer sand art kits and coloured sand for your child to create a gorgeous sand masterpiece. Perfect for birthdays, events or fundraisers. We help communities with their fundraising events, so please get in touch for further details
ECOLUTION INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED03 381 0068 email CraftsNew to NZ - We'd love to raise funds for your communities by selling our fun, innovative and educational D.I.Y. products! Great for kids, families and schools! Fantastic gifts made from a special material - Calcium Carbonate Paper
Naturally Gifted Ltd021 108 4305 email CraftsNaturally Gifted works with inspired individuals. Gorgeous tiles with rich colourful & permanent images, ideal for coasters or hanging on walls. Turn childrens artwork into these stunning & vibrant ceramic tiles. Ideal for fundraising with a difference.
SandWizard09 537 0899 email CraftsSandWizard is the greatest creative craze in entertainment.It allows children (& those who are big kids at heart) to create colourful pictures with sand.
Steiner Ceramics09 820 5089 email CraftsMemory tile wall fundraiser - bring the community together either through your children's creativity or using ours. Fundraise by creating your own tile or two using our creations to build a unique installation and raise much needed funds at the same time

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Annies - Food You Trust03 570 5470 email FoodAnnies Fruit leathers that are made from 100% fruit - no additives, flavours or colours added and are gluten, dairy and nut free. This is the one of the healthiest bars on the market and now you can sell these for fundraising
Aquafern Bottled Water06 878 8773 email FoodAquafern bottled water lets you raise money by providing your community with a healthy product at a competitive price. Sell the 500ml Aquafern sipper cap bottles for $2, making 80c profit. Add your own label by negotiation (from as little as 5c a bottle)
Burrowes Jam03 389 5618 email FoodBurrowes Jam makes home-style jams , sauces , cordials, honeys and coffee products that are yummy and easy to sell for fundraisers. All these products plus more being added in the future means you have a great fundraiser for your non profit organisation!
Candy Floss & Popcorn Products09 537 5503 email Food 
Candy Floss Supplies027 487 6457 email FoodCandy Floss fresh tasty fluffy delicious and made especially for your event contact us for a quote today. Courier North Island only
CANDY FLOSS, Real fruit Ice cream, Soft serve, Shaved ice07 888 6714 email FoodWe sell CANDY FLOSS made in front of the children. REAL FRUIT ICE CREAM OR FROZEN YOGURT & Shaved Ice. We go to school fairs, calf club days and many events and offer 20 % of our sales (to nonprofit org.)
Cookie Time - Smart Fundraising0800 COOKIE (0800 266 543) email FoodSmart Fundraising – the fundraiser that has ticks in all the right boxes! both Heart Tick and Ministry of Health criteria compliant, & one of the most loved consumer brands in Nz. Great profit margin.
Dr Bugs0508 DR BUGS email FoodWe prefer to call it Fun (d) Raising and we hope that you will too when you are selling our Dr Bugs® Microwave Popcorn products.
Easy order Fundraising0800 327 967 email FoodEasy order Fundraising gives you the opportunity to making up to 42% profit for your organization. Bakery, frozen products & pizza. We now supply all of NZ – freight free.
FizzBangNZ027 411 5043 email FoodWe offer high quality, fresh candy floss products, pre-made or made onsite. Deals for nonprofits and schools. Experienced candy floss creators.
Fresh Fundraising - 'So Sweet' by Southern Cross Produce0800 727 7647 email FoodFresh Fundraising provides groups the opportunity to raise funds by selling fresh vegetables boxes. Contents; 2kg Potatoes, 1.5kg Carrots, 500g Parsnips, 500g Baby Beetroot, 3 x Onions, 1 x Swede. The group receives at least $6 for every box sold
Fun Raiser027 229 3521 email FoodGreat tasting products and customized packaging. Freshly roasted coffee specifically for your “greater cause” to ensure absolute freshness, our products are packaged in uniquely vented and totally resealable bags. Coffee / Hot Chocolate
Juicies Fundraiser0800 148 276 email FoodA Juicies fundraiser is a popular brand that kids love and easy to manage with good profit margins. Juicies are made from real fruit and are 100% natural - a healthier option than many other fundraisers.
Main Street Butchery03 615 9583 email FoodQuality Meats At Affordable Prices - Retail & Wholesale Raffle Packs & Fundraisers.
MINI MELTS021 676 892 email FoodMINI MELTS Ice cream has been very popular across Australia for school fundraisers, as it is a quirky, fun, high quality. Now launched in NZ for your next school fundraiser. Freezer and Marquee available. We will reclaim the leftover stock after selling
Mr. Whippy06 3220025 email FoodMr. Whippy Ice Cream - phone us to attend your event. We offer a 10% donation from the event's takings. Chocolate Dip/Sundaes/Flake/Sprinkles/Banana Boat/Parfait/Nuts/Triple Treat/etc. If you are in another area phone 08004WHIPPY for your local contact
Our Lady of Victories03 342 4535 email FoodCadbury Chocolates - I'm a student who is having a fundraiser for Our Lady of Victories
Oxford Pies07 8497516 email FoodUse Oxford Pies to help fundraise for your organisation. We are wholesale suppliers of standard pies, premium pies, savouries, mini pies, sausage rolls, fruit pods, family meat & fruit pies and bacon & egg slabs.
Pasta Vera03 3434 187 or 021 122 6724 email FoodPasta Vera is a fresh pasta manufacturer, products include Fresh Pasta, Pesto, Hummus, Filled Pasta, Ready Meals ie, frozen lasagnes portions (Vege options available). Able to be sold by you online or on a ‘printed out order form’. 20% Profit
Peake Coffee Distributors Limited0211852669 email FoodA "fresh idea!" Delicious coffee and hot chocolate products packed in convenient everyday sizes with the option to personalise the front label. Available NZ wide.
Pizza Promotions Auckland09 271 4807 email Food 
Pizza Promotions Northland09 435 1749 or 09 437 7787 email Food 
Pizza Promotions Taranaki06 7582250 email Food 
Pizza Promotions Wellington04 380 6123 email Food 
Real Good Fundraising022 174 9602 email FoodJunk-free fundraising products for healthier kids: Tom & Luke Snackaballs, Gratitude Journals, eco-friendly products including bamboo toothbrushes and pegs, sandwich wraps, EcoTanka drink bottles. Buy up front or take orders first with up to 40% profit
The Naked Baker0800 GET NAKED email FoodThe Naked Baker is passionate about our community, and if we can help you to achieve your fundraising goals we’ve done our job! We have many fundraising options available, from a four pack of single pies to family pies, pizza slabs to coffee packs, lamingtons and sweet treats. To get started, first download the Fundraising Schedule off our website Choose your fundraiser and email to us your delivery date preference to -once confirmed, away you go!! EASY PEASY!
The Village Press06 879 8373 email FoodA proven & successful Fundraiser Package of amazing Olive Oil products. No up-front costs. No products to return. No minimum quantity. Prompt payment, dependable service & delivery. An internationally acclaimed and well known product.
Westlands Honey03 685 8558 email FoodHoney is a great fundraising idea with a difference. We have some great rates to maximize your profit and make your club stand out with a unique product that all households have a use for.
Zilling Limited021 345 827 email FoodZilli’s fresh New Zealand fruit pieces that are made from 100% fruit - no added additives, flavours or colours, gluten, dairy and nut free. Ideal for fundraising as repeat orders apply. Customise the label. A handful provides daily fruit needs.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
BreakScore04 973 7674 email GamesRaise funds by selling the popular game BreakScore. Purchase the game at wholesale prices, sell at retail price (or a slight discount) and you keep the profit. Easy profit. A great educational game that children and families love.
Edugames09 445 1296 email GamesEducational games for sale as fundraisers for schools, clubs, societies etc. NZ designed games - Kiwi Quiz & Time Zone.
SMARTZONE GAMES09 299 1963 email GamesEducational games for sale as fundraisers for schools, clubs, societies etc. NZ designed game Battle of the Pyramids. World Passport. Cobra Cube.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
ama Fundraising021373784 email OtherIt’s all online - no product to hold, payments to take or deliveries to make - we do that all for you • You’ll receive up to 20%* of the sales generated by your contacts • Our products are good for you and our planet too: · Made with pure, natural ingredients in New Zealand · Cruelty free · Brought to you in zero waste packaging and courier bags • We handle almost everything for you. Easy.
Aotearoa Hygiene Supplies06 357 6644 email OtherAntibacterial Hand Spray Pens Fliptop Antibacterial Hand Gels, EASY TO SELL. 40 % PLUS MARKUP, ideal for carrying in pockets, hand bags, school bags, cars. A unique and popular product that is easy to sell and perfect for any fundraising program.
Bambeado0800 998 612 email OtherIf you are a fan of amber teething beads and love telling people about how well they have worked, this could be for you. The system is simple. For more information, Apply online.
Cancer Society SunSmart Sunscreen09 820 7800 email OtherFor fundraising, the Cancer Society has 50g tubes of SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen. 40% profit - buy for $3.00, sell for $5.00 30 days to pay, free delivery, returns allowed (of saleable stock)
Card Bunny09 361 6052 email OtherLet your child create their own masterpiece (without needing your help). And sign it! 8 Cards & Envelopes (4 different designs). 3 different packs - junior boys, junior girls and big girls. Less than $2 a card and the kids love them.
Chatmats07 824 0199 email OtherEducational NZ Placemats. Make up to 32% and help educate families with novel kiwimade table mats that celebrate Aotearoa; our land and it's people.
Cool As Rugby03 544 5122 email OtherT-shirt shaped bottle coolers. sell them to stores in higher quantities and you will receive $0.50 commission per cooler for all orders coming from that store. Or you could sell them from door-to-door and receive $1 per cooler sold.
CreoKit021 0820 6232 email OtherSTEM learning engages children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. All kits come complete with materials and instructions for several projects that have been tried and tested to keep kids designing and making for hours.
ecostore0800 33 55 33 ext 1 email Otherecostore’s Good Soap for a Good Cause is a healthy, sugar free & easy to sell fundraiser for everyone who needs SOAPport for their good cause. Simple on-line ordering. Great support material on-line. Healthy Profits. Delivery nationwide. Iconic NZ brand
Edward James Tagg022 658 3373 email OtherClairvoyant Psychic Medium. Can be a fun evening. Clairvoyant readings, and messages from the other side, very accurate, with plenty of stage experience.
EZ Towel NZ Ltd0800 EZ Towel email OtherEZ Towels are a durable handy towel made of 100% Rayon. They come in a convenient tablet size (about the size of a 10 cent piece) and you add water to make it ‘grow’. EZ Towel is soft, durable and bio-degradable. A great fundraising product.
First Aid Fundraising0800 456 784 email OtherMedi Buddy First Aid Kits to go! Fun, practical, kids focused first aid kits for fundraising with all you need for first aid on the go!
Flexilight NZ06 8435 435 email OtherFundraising Glow Sticks and *NEW* LED Flashing Toys great for School Discos & Concerts more fun more profit, many Organisations are over the moon with our products, they sell like hot cakes, a handy website with great pictures
Fundraise+0800 700 100 email OtherA new concept in fundraising with Kitchen Consumables such as; Food Wrap, Foil, Baking Paper. Great profit margin and easy to co-ordinate, you can even send us your logo to place on the forms to send out in newsletters or information. Easy to use website.
Glowild06 845 1289 email OtherBiggest range of LED novelties and quality glowsticks at We sell to schools, charities and event managers throughout all of New Zealand. HUGE profits to made selling our products at school discoes and any night events.
Glowsticks Ltd07 377 0486 email OtherGlowsticks, 500+% Profit (buy at 15c, sell at $1). Risk Free Refund on Return policy. Great for night-time events such as School Camps, Concerts, Guy Fawkes, New Years and Disco's.
Green Gorilla021 928 304 email OtherGorilla Bags - They’re the convenient, low-cost alternative to rubbish skips. Approx $50 for each bag sold. Practical & useful for households. All-year round fundraising opportunities. No financial outlay. It’s sale or return
GreenKiwi Fundraising021 982 955 email OtherWe manufacture Environmentally Friendly cleaning products that are good for the environment and return a good profit to your organisation, products include car wash, detergent, hand cleaners, bathroom cleaners, mould killers and outdoor cleaners.
Growing Memories03 3514914 email OtherSeed paper products that grow cottage flowers when planted in a pot or the garden. Bookmarks, business cards, postcards, recipe cards, anything that can be made using paper, we can make using seed paper. A great return of 100% - 220%.
Honest Skincare09 537 5653 email Other100% Natural Skin Products, hand-made in NZ. Your people purchase on our website with special code. You receive 30% of sale price. No work or product handling is required, which makes it an easy fundraiser.
Insinc Products Ltd0508 467 462 email OtherGinger The Bear's, Ginger Beer Brewing Kit. A fun project kit to make your own Ginger Beer. The kit contains all the ingredients you need to get started as well as a funky project booklet that has Ginger the Bear guiding you through each step.
Kids New Zealand Directory09 307 0043 email OtherDirectories contains over 200 pages packed full of information for families with children aged 0–13 years. You sell the directories & make $2 - $2.50 each.
Kite Shop03 365 3907 email OtherYou can purchase kits from the Kite Lady’s fundraising flyer or she will create a list of kites especially for you – and you get to keep 30% from each sale. Stock can be made available on a sale or return basis for events.
Little Gem Cookbooks03 546 9881 email OtherLittle Gem Cookbooks are professionally designed and personalised publications. Beautifully printed in full colour. Perfect for schools, clubs and community groups. An easy and lucrative fundraiser.
Margot Unlimited  email OtherFabulous, new cookbook with full-colour photographs; 120 recipes with only 5 ingredients. Make $10 on every book sold for your fundraiser (retail price $49.90). (Minimum order of 12 books.)
Media Helicopters Ltd0800 80 20 60 email OtherPeople love helicopter joy rides & add a stunning highlight to your event. Boost attendance.No charge for our team. Earn commissions from fare paying passengers. A thrilling flight lasts about six minutes. We manage all logistics.
Millborrk NZ Ltd09 360 3368 email OtherA beautiful range of body & hair care products, formulated specifically for this NZ-owned company. Products contain essential oils and plant extracts. Gift packages &/or individual products. Cost to you is $3 - $7 per unit; you set the fundraising price.
MISH LTD0800 456 784 email OtherGlowsticks, LED finger lights, Squishy Flashing Star necklaces, finger rings etc Great for fundraising as part of an event - school discos, parties etc
MOAS Glitter Tattoos  email OtherGlitter Tattoo Kits for all occasions. Perfect for a fundraising activity at markets, themed sets for parties, or smaller kits for glittery gifts. Custom design stencils available - perfect for your school or club sports team
Mr Peg and the peg people09 299 3103 email OtherMr Peg and the peg people are creating a buzz in the world of fundraising. Kiwi made and UV tough, people tell us he is a great product and an absolute EASY fundraiser to sell. Mr Pegs are all about helping kids! Up to 50% profit from each sale.
Name It Labels and School Products0800 NAME IT or 0800 626 348 email OtherA wide product range including iron-on name labels, named pens & pencils, sew-on name labels, shoe labels. Fundraise with a commission based scheme making 15% - 25% (depending on sales volume)
Poppa’s Chalk027 366 8050 email OtherPoppas Chalk are here to help with all fundraising needs from Schools and day-cares to sports teams and Scout groups. All chalk is 100% New Zealand made.
Promo Sports027 862 6384 email OtherPromo Sports can cater for both schools and sports clubs of all codes, through CCC Teamwear they can offer you a variety of sporting clothing and products with your school/club logo or crest
Scholastic Book Fairs0800 266 532 email OtherA Scholastic Book Fair is a special event that enables parents and children to purchase quality books at reasonable prices, helping their school raise funds for special projects, classroom materials, and library books.
Scratch Your Score  email OtherScratch golf-course type cards - used as an interesting way to raffle prizes
Smart Art Education021 269 5844 email OtherSmart Art offers beautifully designed fun educational posters that both kids and parents love! With generous margins paid to schools or charities - here's a way schools can achieve two goals at once, help your child and your school!
Springfresh Bottled Water0800 4 YOUR WATER email OtherSpringfresh is a New Zealand owned water bottling company based in Canterbury who offers Springfresh branded water or custom branded (e.g. XYZ School ) bottled water for fundraising.
Staging Direct NZ1446 email OtherStaging Direct NZ, your portable staging solution. Build custom stages in various heights and configurations with durable platforms and risers. Perfect for fundraising events, schools, product demos, trade shows, hotels, fashion shows, bands and more
Stuck on You – Labels and Tags0800 661 669 email OtherStuck on You is a fun, innovative label and tags company. Choose from a variety of stick-on labels and customise them with a name or message. Fundraising commission – up to $3.00 per pack.
TCz attractions and Kids amusements0272663472 email Otherkids birthday parties, American style candy floss on a stick, mini hot rods, bouncy castles , merry go round, face painting, shooting gallery
The Creative Lunchbox03 522 4488 email OtherFundraise for your group / school and help your environment. Our selection of high qualitywaste free lunchboxes can help ave time, the environment and your wallet. Great for kids, individuals and families
The Great New Zealand Paperclip Challenge09 432 2118 email OtherA free, fun & different way to raise funds for your School, Non Profit club or Charity. The Challenge" will take place from the 1st of July 2013 till the 31st of October 2013. Register online at & receive an information pack.
The Sock Lady0800 484 376 email OtherQuality wool blend socks for children and adults. No upfront or postage costs. You keep 20% and send The Sock Lady 80%.
Uni-Pak06 349 0388 email OtherFoodwraps. This product range is cling film, roll foil and baking paper. Items utilised in the kitchen. Big profit margin for the school! We can help with the marketing material as well. Sell for a cheaper price than the supermarket.
Victory on the Spot03 548 2500 or 021 226 6678 email OtherThe Halo Product Range is designed to equalize and balance Electro-Magnetic Field distortions in your everyday life - sell as a fundraiser
Waimak Corporate Water03 3418442 email OtherWaimak Mineral water lets you raise money by providing your community, club or school with a healthy product at a competitive price. Custom branded water promotes awareness of your cause while raising funds!

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Onlinefotos04 934 1012 email PhotographsWellington photographer. Sport Teams, Family portraits & school photo fundraisers, call today to discuss, how we can work together. Onlinefotos photography.
Pacific Portraits03 365 0730 email PhotographsPhotography for clubs, schools etc
Studio Blue Fish04 384 8009 email PhotographsWe have a fantastic fundraiser package that has raised thousands of dollars for organisations across Wellington. Simply donate $25, all of which goes directly to your organisation, and you receive a portrait sitting worth $250 with us.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
5 Star Promotions03 548 6454 email Promotional ProductsWholesale suppliers of promotional products and apparel for resale to assist in fundraising with schools, non-profit organisations, fundraisers, etc.
All About Promo09 273 2666 email Promotional ProductsWe put your school or charity logo on any product. Cook books, wine glasses, tea towels, hand sanitisers, sun screen, kitchen products, balloons, swim caps, confectionary, swim bags, skivvies, school uniforms. Basically we put your logo on any product.
Amar Marketing09 527 7888 email Promotional ProductsAmar Marketing, with over 20 years' experience in the Promotional Products industry can be relied on to source the right promotional products to suit your campaign.
Ampm Promo - Promo & Apparel09 300 5132 email Promotional ProductsWe aim to be the best at providing products and services while exceeding at meeting your promotional marketing needs. We offer the most complete selection of promotional products and corporate gifts.
Earth First Printing0800 373 399 email Promotional ProductsWe offer one of the largest ranges of promotional products and promotional items in New Zealand.
Fundraise Factory0800 784 785 email Promotional ProductsWe are your fundraising experts, offering premium fundraising ideas, strategy, ethical products, inspiration & support. Your goal is to raise money... ours is to make it happen! Our Motto - Least Effort = Most Profit! Our commitment to you is to provide a fast, informative, creative, professional & personalised service. Fundraise smarter... NOT harder!
IM-Press Promotions06 357 9297 email Promotional ProductsSupplying quality promotional merchandise for Fundraising, Company Awareness, Sales Promotions, Brand Awareness, Corporate Gifts and Advertising Penetration.
Promotional Shop New Zealand0800 439 087 email Promotional ProductsNew Zealand's preferred Promotional Products supplier offering fundraising and sponsorship programmes to selected businesses. All applications accepted. Please apply in writing.
Propel Promotions  email Promotional ProductsFundraising through the supply of promotional products, branded merchandise and corporate gifts
TEATOWELS.CO.NZ  email Promotional ProductsNew Zealand's online source of tea towels for promotions & fundraising. A screen-printed tea towel is ideal for schools, kindergarten, jubilees, function & charities.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
School Fundraising Group0800 377 170 email SunscreenThe healthy alternative to Fundraising. Our programs are School Fun Runs & Sunblock Suncream. Visit our website for more info.

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Aquaplus Bottled Water07 574 0649 email WaterCustom branded bottled water

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Signature Wines0800 804 242 or 021 953 548 email WineFun, simple & profitable fundraiser. Design your unique wine label, put it on your choice of great wines from our selection, pack & deliver to you. We design your order-forms. You chose the profit margins you want. No financial outlay. Quick turn-around

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CompanyPhone  TypeDescription
Silicone Wristbands09 479 9799 email WristbandsSilicone wristbands are the latest trend in fashion and also a great way to make money for schools, sports clubs, charities, foundations

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