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Fundraising Ideas NZ is the new website to help NZ fundraisers with great fundraising ideas, resources and links. This site is being designed to be a one-stop site to serve NZ schools, clubs, societies & charities involved in fundraising.

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Fundraising has become a central activity for many schools, clubs, societies, charitable trusts and other organisations.

  • Are you sick of searching everywhere to find ideas, suggestions, contacts & information about how to raise funds?
  • Do you need fresh ideas for fundraising?
  • Do you need contact information for businesses to help you with fundraising?

This site is the place to look……

Free – This fundraising support site provides free central support, information & ideas centre to assist community organizations involved in fundraising in NZ (eg schools, charities, clubs, societies).

Many volunteer-based groups in NZ need to actively fundraise to support the objectives of their organization. For these schools, societies, sports clubs, charities & other organizations, fundraising is a difficult and time-consuming task. Some of these organisations, such as schools, have a continually changing volunteer group – as new volunteers take on fundraising roles, they need to learn what to do, explore various fundraising opportunities, try to find support and then initiate fundraising activities, which all takes a considerable amount of time and effort. There is no centralized free support for these fundraisers in New Zealand.

The website provides

  • Free listing of businesses offering fundraising opportunities, with enhanced listings available for a fee
  • Ideas including low-cost & no-cost fundraising ideas
  • Resources
  • Articles
  • Stories of what groups are doing for fundraisingLinks to Fundraising Ideas to other sites relating to fundraising