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Fundraising Stories from New Zealand

Fundraising Stories we have heard from throughout new Zealand. Here are some stories that might give you ideas and inspire your fundraising efforts.

Art Expo & Auction
An Auckland Primary School ran its first Art Expo recently. They hired the local yacht club for the weekend and invited local artists to exhibit paintings for sale. The school received 1/3 of the sales price for artwork sold. The opening Friday night was a gala night ($40/ticket) with wine and cheese,  entertainment and an auction of some donated pieces of art. Over $30,000 was raised with this inaugural event.

Kiwi Quiz Find-out-athon
A small Wellington Primary School ran a find-out-athon based around the great new NZ game Kiwi Quiz. Students were sponsored by friends, family & neighbours for the number of questions they answered correctly. Kiwi Quiz games were also sold as part of the fundraiser. This was a great educational activity and fundraiser, which raised about $4,000 for this small school.

Recipe Book
An Auckland School recently produced its own recipe book. This high quality book had beautiful photos, glossy pages and great recipes. Recipes came from staff and prominent people in the community. The dishes were cooked and photographed by a member of the school community. The book was produced by volunteers. The printing costs were covered by sale of some tasteful advertising in the book. Families were encouraged to buy one book for themselves, and one as a gift. The books sold for $40 each, and the school raised about $100,000.

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