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Fundraising Competitions

 Fundraising Competitions for Fundraising in NZ. Great fundraising competitions to help your NZ fundraising efforts. Ideas and resources.

CompanyPhone TypeDescription
Bingo World09 837 4039 email   
Cents Able Housie Supplies04 5638909 email  Housie and Bingo tickets. FREE - Your organisations NAME on every Session and SuperHousie card (Some conditions apply). Lotto Bonus tickets, Raffle tickets and Marbles. Dibs and Dabbers. Calling Boards.
ezDraw  email  Ditch the marbles and use this unique Raffle Number Prize Draw Software - works for Raffles and Bingo Games as well as printing Tickets for Bingo/Housie, Raffle Draws and Lotteries. Complete customisation service available.
Fast Fundraising0800 210 777 email  Simply approach family, friends and neighbours with a ‘Scratch & Help’ booklet and ask them if they would support the fundraiser by scratching off a few dots. Each scratch booklet raises $80, of which $64 is pure profit!
New Century Press03 366-6858 email  Break Open Tickets, Donation Tickets, Housie Boards, Housie Printing, Housie Products, Housie Session Cards, Raffle Cards, Raffle Tickets

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